Eco Casco

If you want to have your car insured but are looking for a much more economical car insurance option that will not strain your budget, eco car insurance is exactly what you are looking for!



You can experience the most economical and advantageous way of traveling safely with your vehicle thanks to eco insurance, which is a great option for users who use vehicles less than daily.


What is Eco Casco?

Eco Casco is one of the insurance products offered by Gri Insurance.

The product, which covers cars and private vans, is an ideal car insurance option for retired people who use their vehicles less than other car owners.

What Does Eco Casco Include?
Among the coverages offered by the eco motor insurance product are the following titles:
Collision, Crash Overturning Combustion Theft Earthquake Storm Hail Lightning Strikes, Lockouts, Riots, Public Movements, Malicious Acts and Terrorism Floods and Cyclones Flameless Combustion Unauthorized Withdrawal Rodent and Other Animal Pests Theft of Vehicle with Key (Up to Fair Value)