Grivan Caravan Casco

Whether it is your second home or your vacation companion that you enjoy for a few months a year, getting insurance to continue safely on the road with your caravan may be the right decision you make.

Interest in caravan life is increasing day by day. The desire to return to nature brought about by staying indoors for a long time during the pandemic, the increasing prevalence of remote working, and the increasing interest in minimalist living are among the main reasons for the increasing demand for caravans.

Rather than paying big money and staying tied to a single place, hotel or home, many people decide to buy a caravan in terms of mobility and the opportunity to vacation wherever they want.

Caravan life also brings with it the need to secure the caravan. At this point, caravan insurance stands out.

What is Caravan Comprehensive Insurance?

Caravan insurance is one of the main types of insurance preferred by caravan owners. Caravan insurance covers the caravan owner’s losses in the event of an accident, just like other vehicles.

The caravan insurance product, which is an optional type of insurance just like normal car insurance products, is valid for one year as of the date of purchase and must be renewed every year.

Is It Possible to Insure Every Caravan?

When it comes to caravan insurance, one of the most frequently asked questions by caravan enthusiasts is which types of caravans can be insured.

Before answering this question, it is useful to know the types of caravans. Caravans are generally divided into two as motorhomes and towed caravans. Motorhomes are also divided into two types within themselves, namely camper vans (panel vans, minibuses, etc.) and caravans. When it comes to towing caravan types, we can count small teardrop caravans and pick-up caravans that can be installed behind the vehicle.

While both types of motorhomes can be insured, the important point when insuring such caravans is the age limit of the vehicle.

When it comes to towing caravans, the situation and conditions may be slightly different. Under 750 kg, towed caravans that can be used without a license plate without the need for registration fall into the O1 category, and such caravans can only be insured with a comprehensive car insurance. Caravans weighing over 750 kg, which can be registered and used with a license and license plate, fall into the O2 category, and this type of caravans can be insured with comprehensive car insurance.

What is GRIVAN Caravan Casco?

GRIVAN Caravan Comprehensive Insurance is a comprehensive motorhome insurance product that secures your motorhomes.

With GRIVAN motorhome insurance, which is valid for motorhome types, all motorhome products that fall into the O2 category, can be driven with a BE class driver’s license and are up to a maximum of 15 years old can be secured.

How are Caravan Insurance Prices Determined?

One of the most curious topics for those who will insure caravans is caravan insurance prices. Since caravan insurances do not have a specific tariff, caravan policies do not have a fixed price.

While preparing the caravan insurance policy, work is carried out on the market value, the brand and model of the caravan to be insured and the past accident records are taken into consideration.

Documents Required for Caravan Insurance

There are some information and documents you need to submit when getting caravan insurance. The main ones are;

  • Interior and exterior photographs showing the vehicle to be insured in detail
  • Cost of vehicle accessories
  • Accessory list detailing vehicle accessories item by item
What does Grivan Caravan Casco Include?
Among the coverages offered by the Vip car insurance product are the following titles:
Impact / Crash / Collision Tipping / Falling / Rolling Earthquake and Landslide Volcano Eruption Landslide Floods and Inundation Hail Storm Theft / Theft / Attempted Theft Strike, Lockout, Malicious Acts, Public Movement Terror Glass Breakage Vehicle Burning Damage Caused by Rodent Animals Key Loss Tensile and Retraction Housing Benefit